July 10, 2017

Vision & Mission


Moonlight Marine Academy LLP, JAIPUR will be a world class Merchant Navy Academy we respected in the maritime field, frequently innovating using the latest technology in training and maintain a presence in the maritime industry.


Moonlight Marine Academy LLP, JAIPUR is committed to providing high-quality Training. The courses we offer are arranged on a flexible schedule to meet the needs of both current and prospective students.To offer unique opportunities for the students, focusing on Maritime Industry needs and encouraging personal responsibility, contribution to community and stewardship of the environment. And to produce merchant marine officers with an assured level of quality which exceeds all national and international standards. To familiarize trainees with Safety Management systems.

Moonlight Marine Academy LLP, JAIPUR provides the following benefits:

  • To Provide 100% Placement.
  • To provide top quality training to marine industry.
  • To update the learning content to be always updated with the regulation.
  • To Acquire modern art of training equipment.
  • To be reliable and socially responsible maritime education and training provider.
  • To provide a world wide platform for research and constant improvements for the maritime industry.

We ensure that our trainees gain knowledge through quality training. We strive to establish healthy working partnerships with professional organizations in the industry and other stakeholders to serve in the best interest of our trainees and to project ourselves as a leading marine training center of excellence in Asia.